We have extensive consulting experience spanning 90 brands across 7 countries and 12 industries, including both client work, as well as joining forces with advertising, digital, and design agencies.

Our team members have worked with clients in industries such as Financial Services, FMCG, Education, Telecom, Startups & Digital Services, Luxury and Automotive in countries as diverse as Germany, The UK, USA, Sweden, The Netherlands and the Baltic States.

We specialize in developing Brand Strategy, Campaign Strategy and leading Strategy Workshops


Brands can ensure that their message is relevant and unique by making an investment in thorough brand foundations. Brand foundations define brand mission and uniqueness in a way that resonates with your target audience while also serving a higher brand purpose.

Strong brand foundations strengthen your brand with regards to:


Stand out from the competition with a novel and bold message that surpasses simply talking about your product.


Ensure a consistent brand voice across channels and throughout a series of campaigns.

  • Pre-research of your industry, competition and overall trends
  • Working sessions with your marketing and management teams
  • Interviews with your existing and potential clients
  • Interim workshop and first hypotheses testing
  • Category, target audience and product/service insight definition
  • Formulation of your brand uniqueness and mission
  • Brand strategy presentations and internal kick-off workshop with your employees

Figure 4. Creation of strong brand foundations require thorough research and significant involvement of the client's marketing and management teams.


Effective integrated-communication campaigns require identifying a key insight about your brand:
  • Pre-research of your industry, competition and overall trends
  • Evaluation of your current brand image and its consistency
  • Evaluation of the differentiation potential for your brand
  • Key message creation for the rational mind
  • Key message creation for the emotional mind
  • Key message creation for the social mind
  • Formulation of campaign's main and secondary messages


A well-designed workshop is the best way to discover strategic insights within a group of people.
  • Introduction to strategic planning and the philosophy behind Strategy of No, explained through case studies
  • Insight generation in a dynamic, collaborative process which allows for identifying brand potential
  • Insight evaluation, feedback and iterations leading to a strategy formulation
  • Summary of workshop results, shaped in an actionable strategy framework for the development of your brand

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